Taylor (Latex Firm)

The IVY Taylor mattress is a firm 2 utilizing a solid latex core that is double wrapped for increased structure. These extra steps give the mattress a feel that is referred to as inactive support. As a result, your body will adjust to the mattress instead of the mattress adjusting to you. In addition, it has a smooth flat surface that’s consistently solid to the core. This mattress is also ideal for layering using one of Ivy Organics toppers for optional softness.
  • The covering is 100% certified organic cotton damask (North Carolina)
  • The padding and filling are 100% certified organic cruelty-free wool™ (Oregon)
  • The padding and filling are 100% certified organic cotton (Texas)
  • 100% certified organic Dunlop latex rubber.
  • The certified organic latex is double wrapped in certified organic cruelty-free felted wool™ and certified organic cotton.
  • The entire mattress is stitched together to increase longevity and comfort. These extra steps prevent the layers of padding from shifting and the cover from twisting, maintaining the structure and integrity of the mattress.
  • Mattress height – 7”
  • Adjustable base friendly – Yes
  • 2- sided (can be flipped) – Yes
  • This mattress should not be placed on a solid piece of wood or the floor. In addition, this mattress requires airflow to dissipate moisture.
  • This mattress needs to be supported by slats no more than 1” apart or placed on a proper foundation.
  • Queen and King size mattresses that use a frame must have center support legs from the middle of the mattress going down to the floor.