IVY Gemini Split Mattress Topper

Gemini Split Mattress Topper
The IVY Gemini split Latex & Wool Topper is our most distinctive certified-organic topper available.  It offers two different firmness in one topper. The 100% organic Dunlop latex Gemini is half firm and half soft.  It’s designed for people who sleep together but prefer different feels. The plush side is soft and gently supports your curves while the firm side is supportive with less give. The two sides are skillfully spliced together by hand to eliminate any ridge down the middle. Certified-organic cruelty-free wool™ surrounds the topper, keeping you cool and comfortable. The Gemini topper is breathable, mold and mildew resistant, dust mite resistant, hypoallergenic, antifungal, and antibacterial.  The Gemini latex & wool topper has unique, never move ties, that hold the topper in place on all IVY Luxury Organic mattresses.
  • Half the covering is 100% certified organic ultra-soft cotton knit (North Carolina)
  • Half of the covering is 100% certified organic cotton damask (North Carolina)
  • The padding is 100% certified organic cruelty free wool™ (Oregon)
  • The latex is 100% certified organic Dunlop (South East Asia)
  • Approximate height: 3”
  • Available in all sizes including custom.
  • The unique, "never move" ties hold the topper in place, and works with all Ivy Organics mattresses.
  • One-sided (can be flipped), but we don’t know why you would.
  • Spot clean only.  
  • Any questions or concerns, please contact us.  We want your topper to last and be comfortable for many, many years.