Cooper is a medium-firm mattress that is latex free.

The Cooper has a harmonious, smooth surface supported by multiple layers of lofty certified organic cruelty-free wool™ and soft, certified organic cotton. This mattress is ideal for anyone looking for a handmade, certified organic mattress that does not contain latex. It is also perfect for layering using either IVY organic wool 2” or 4” certified organic cruelty-free topper.

  • The covering is 100% certified organic cotton knit (North Carolina)
  • The padding and filling are 100% certified organic cruelty-free wool™ (Oregon)
  • The padding and filling are 100% certified organic cotton (Texas)


  • A support base utilizes recycled steel to create a nested, individually pocketed coil network. As a result, the coil diameter differs throughout the mattress offering optimal support and contouring.  
  • The coils are padded with organic cruelty-free wool™ and certified organic cotton.
  • The entire mattress is stitched together to increase longevity and comfort by preventing the layers of padding from shifting and maintaining the structure and integrity of the mattress.
  • Mattress height – 11”
  • Two-sided (can be flipped) – Yes
  • This mattress needs to be supported by slats no more than 1” apart or placed on a proper foundation.
  • Queen and King size mattresses using a frame must have center support legs from the middle of the mattress going down to the floor.