Ivy Organics

Our Story

Originally located in LA’s historic Fairfax District, Ivy started in 1994 as a luxury mattress & bedding retailer that set out to change the buying experience by providing great customer service without high-pressure sales tactics from commissioned salespeople.
Ivy initially commissioned other manufacturers to develop organic products in response to clients' concerns about their health and exposure to chemicals given the alarming increase in cancer and other chronic illnesses and harmful indoor air quality.
In 2010, she opened her own production facility in Vernon, just Southeast of Los Angeles and began designing her own line of certified organic mattresses and bedding. This gives Ivy Organics unique oversight in overall quality, ensuring materials and ingredients to be 100% certified organic, and that our standards of craftsmanship are the highest in the world.

Designed Without Compromise

We embrace the belief that what we have on this earth in its purest form is what we have to work with. We know that organic isn’t just the original choice, but the safer, healthier, and environmentally right choice. By sleeping on an Ivy Organics product you are reducing your carbon footprint while protecting you and your family’s health. 
We truly handcraft our products from the inside out in Southern California, down to the last detail using the same materials we slept on hundreds of years ago. Our mattresses are thoughtfully designed to provide unparalleled comfort and support you expect from a handmade luxury bed, and without any toxic chemicals! 

We Believe In People

Creating an exceptional product that is healthy, safe and comfortable requires a human touch and attention to detail. That is why we invest in people, not machines or robots.