Non Toxic

The Dunlop Difference

Latex that is not organic can be called “natural” or “Bio latex”. Both natural and Bio latex can be blended with polyurethane foam to help keep cost down. Some of these products only contain 20% latex and 80% polyurethane foam, thereby losing many of the positive properties of 100% organic Dunlop latex.


Wholly Wool

 In order to meet our high standards for natural materials, the wool we use is never blended with polyester or Polyactic acid (PLA). Additionally, Ivy Organics never uses polyester, PLA, silica, or Kevlar as bating or as a fire retardant. Due to it’s many natural benefits such as mold and mildew resistance, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and naturally fire resistant properties, the 100% Organic Cruelty Free WoolTM used in our mattresses is the best option for people with any sort of chemical sensitivities. 


Cleaner Cotton

Cotton is considered one of the world’s dirtiest crops due to the heavy use of pesticides commonly used to grow the crop. 80% of the most commonly used pesticides used on U.S. Conventional cotton crops were classified as moderately to highly hazardous by the World Health Organization. The pesticides cannot be washed out of the cotton. Only certified organic cotton is guaranteed to be free of pesticides.