Our Mission

Ivy Organics' mission is to profoundly impact and positively transform our quality of life by starting with the simplest of changes. Changes that have a lasting affect on the world, one night's rest at a time.
Mother Earth is the provider.
The bed is the one thing in every home that we spend the most time in. It should be comforting and nurturing.
We use simple materials created in nature so that they may return to it when the time comes. Organic Cruelty-Free Wool™ from the Oregon coast, Certified-Organic Cotton from West Texas and North Carolina, and Certified-Organic Dunlop Latex from Sri Lanka are used to create your Ivy Organics bed, each possessing specific properties that enhance the way you sleep.

We then handcraft your Ivy Organics bed individually in Los Angeles, California, using the same construction methods and heritage craftsmanship passed down through generations of artisans to create the most divine luxury-organic beds in the world.
Your bed will have an "old soul," so to speak, with a unique spirit or personality to its comfort, built to the same standards and specifications in a bed one would expect to find only among royalty.